About me

Pronunciation : \ə-ˈbau̇t\ \ˈmē\.

1 : I work with businesses and organizations to distill strategy, hone messaging and create meaningful communication in a host of traditional and contemporary media.

2 : I enjoy other things too – traveling, culture, food and wine, art & music.

I support clients in the creation and delivery of world-class, channel-agnostic creative strategy and communications.

Driven by motivating audiences and the collaboration inherent to the creative process, I have marketed brands, corporations, startups, government initiatives and consumer packaged goods across a variety of traditional and contemporary communication channels.

Resourcefulness, intellectual curiosity and the ability to work both independently and in a cross-functional team setting have taken me from riding-herd on 1,200 head of bison to executing world-class brand and digital strategy for my clients, informing my diverse background and unique perspective toward my work.

With excellent creative strategy and tactical management capabilities, I develop trust and rapport in my business relationships by continually meeting or exceeding deadlines and expectations.

Simply put, I drive effective engagements to achieve business goals.