And your bird can sing: corporations & twitter

An alarming number of fake Twitter feeds have recently come to be, from the hilarious @Jesus_M_Christ to my local favorite, @FakeLewisHowes. Even more alarming though, when corporation-related, nearly as soon as they’re born, they’re being hunted down like the animals they’re feared to become.

Take for instance the short-lived @condeelevator, an amalgam of hilarious over-heards from the elevators of the Manhattan offices of Conde Nast, the publishing company responsible for such anti-materialism gems as Vogue, amongst others.

The latest to fall appears to be birthed from the inner-sanctum of none other than Goldman Sachs. Internal managers have promised just short of an inquisition into the matter, and some speculate that this was the reason that Lloyd Blankfein has retained outside counsel (not really, I just made that up). Either way, @GSElevator made to Page 6 and Gawker, and it contributed some hilarity to our world, so I thank the mind behind it. I hope the Goldman goons never find him or her, and live in fear as such.

Next steps, you ask?

I’m going to purge my twitter feed of all real profiles. Vanity sucks. Let’s all laugh a little.

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