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Social Digital Signage

Integrating new media platforms often seems a no-brainer. Of course we want to see our tweets on American Eagle’s towering Times Square array. Damn right I want the world to know which Jimmy John’s I just devoured a sandwich from. … Continue reading

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Good clean content

What makes a good promotional product? Certainly, it depends on who you ask. I’ve been doing some promo and production work, using my modest media savviness, for the upcoming independent release of an album and surrounding tour of a musician … Continue reading

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Deliverable: A Managed Digital Reputation

Though many of us use it as if it’s an extension of our own body, digital – our mobile devices, notebooks, tablets, and all that they entail – persistently dogs the best of our pals in the corporate world. Anathema … Continue reading

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Verizon mobile & the new normal

Dateline: Modern Times SCENE: You sign two years of your life away in the form of a service contract for your favorite smart phone as easily as you trade your Mercedes for a valet ticket before dinner. Not much thought … Continue reading

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Savage Tactics: Print v. Digital

Dateline, January 18, 2011 The Economist, in its January 8th issue, published a comparison of strategy amongst Great Britain’s many and disparate newspaper publishers. Among those mentioned are behemoth News Corporation, which it seems prefers not to have to dabble … Continue reading

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Welcome to the blogoshpere

Let’s kick this engine over. New year, new resolutions, new blog and no overbearing format. Yes, this is a place where you can get to know my work, find my contact information, etc., but it’s going to be deliberately open … Continue reading

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