Good clean content

What makes a good promotional product? Certainly, it depends on who you ask.

I’ve been doing some promo and production work, using my modest media savviness, for the upcoming independent release of an album and surrounding tour of a musician friend of mine. We survived some eight shows amongst the throngs of South by Southwest, slayed an official showcase, and sold some “pre-release” albums while we were at it.

During the melee, a lesson learned from copywriting for a living proved apropos: promotion of any product, whether through a website, television commercial, radio spot or actual human conversation is completely and totally reliant on quality content. The technology follows the content – it is not a sufficient crutch.

This idea comes up again and again, and becomes even more relevant in light of Google’s February action as a result of the JCPenney SEO “mistake”. Too often, content is considered the last piece of the puzzle in the digital world. I consider content a first priority, but certainly count it as a stroke of luck when promotional work, such as that mentioned above, surrounds extremely strong content.

Content is king. Thank god for the creators of the world.

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