Social Digital Signage

Integrating new media platforms often seems a no-brainer. Of course we want to see our tweets on American Eagle’s towering Times Square array. Damn right I want the world to know which Jimmy John’s I just devoured a sandwich from. Why wouldn’t I, the retailer, want to offer that level of engagement with my brand, at or near the all-important point of purchase. Sounds simple enough, right?

Integrating social media platforms across signage networks deepens the viewer’s level of interaction, transforming what can often be described as a broadcast medium into an rich, interactive experience. But that’s easier said than done.

In his recent article in Signage Solutions, David Weinfeld rightly points out that a just Twitter handle and a hashtag fall quite short of getting the job done, and leave loads of valuable, local marketing data on the table. Weinfeld terms this “actionable data”.

Where the “traditional” approach to digital displays runs a wheel of content, broadcasting messaging to viewers in a more adjustable (digital) format that traditional advertising can offer, folding social media into your display offers a deeper opportunity for connection, creating an interaction with a person’s identity and the local community. This imparts a greater opportunity for retail brands to bond with their customers, on the spot.

Depending on which study you cite, anywhere from 30% to 50% of Americans are carrying a smart phone when they leave their home. Loads of them are checking in on Foursquare or Gowalla, plenty of them check Facebook before they brush their teeth in the morning, and there are no shortage of Tweets to catch up on during any lull in your day. If you’re a retailer, each of these people is a potential brand evangelist.


Where your network was once a medium for one-sided communication, by integrating social media into your content strategy, your stores and screens can become interactive destinations, increasing communication and commerce by joining the conversation and splashing the message onto the screen.

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