The Quickening: As Seen On TV Goes Mobile/Social

Really, it was only a matter of time. Some of us had seen it coming, but it was inevitable all along.

Social media – whatever your thoughts on it may be – has created a large, dynamic and measurable advertising network, combining the full force of individual inward looking vanity and the sinews of modern communication. That’s right, I said it. It’s marvelous, impressive, and revolutionary, but it’s an ad network.

Take the Facebooks. Your profile was once the domain of your close-knit digital family. Disparate as they may be, you kept in touch with your college buddy that lives in Seattle, your aunt in England. Messaging and photo-sharing helped you remain close, growing with them even as they were so far away.

Enter product pages and public figures. No longer an intimate space in which to communicate with your close relations and friends, brands and celebs can now be a part of your profile, even if you’ve never actually interacted in person.

Now the TV pitchmen are embracing the act, and it’ll only get faster. The Times report on the gambit characterizes it as a natural extension of the ad portfolio, which it is. And we happy (drooling) consumers get benefit from, of all things, “spokesmen like the former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and the entertainer 50 Cent host(ing) product demonstrations.” What a treat! Maybe they can help The Clapper out – only 80 likes for that 80’s TV classic.

And as for the Pajama Jeans, I remain quite happy slipping out of my jeans before tucking in. Sweet dreams.

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